Marla Cantrell


Marla Cantrell’s stories have appeared in Do South Magazine, @Urban Magazine, Deep South Magazine, Wordhaus, and several anthologies. In 2014, she received the Arkansas Arts Council Fellowship Award for Short Fiction. She’s also won state and regional awards for several of her short stories.

Marla is a freelance writer, and the managing editor and lead writer for Do South Magazine, headquartered in Arkansas. Each month, the magazine publishes one of her short stories. To date, she’s published more than 70 stories, all set in the South. She is also a writing coach, helping other writers achieve their goals.

Currently, she is putting the final touches on a collection of short stories called A Million Shattered Stars. She is also writing a novel set in Arkansas, based on a true story of hope at a time when hope was in short supply.

Marla lives on a piece of land that gives her a view of the Boston Mountains. When she returns from a week of travel writing, she loves to sit on the porch and watch night fall in this place she calls home.